The Crafter Culture Handbook
Amy Spencer

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Crafting is soaring in popularity. Craft groups are springing up, people are meeting in cafes and bars to swap knitting patterns. But where exactly does this new wave of domesticity stem from and how can those of us who have never picked up a needle get involved?

This fun new manual explores the new crafting movement that is sweeping the globe through a series of creative projects for any wannabe crafter to experiment with. They are designed by some of the most well-known practitioners in the new contemporary craft movement, including the people behind Craftster, Sublime Stitching, Subversive Stitching, MicroRevolt, Bazaar Bizarre, Cast Off, Thready Made, Craftivism, the Renegade Craft Fair, Church of Craft, Made by Milla, and many more.

Amy Spencer not only gives practical advice but also examines the politics behind the various crafting trends. Today's crafters are aware of the impact of their actions, some create as part of a radical form of political protest, others take a stance against sweatshop manufacturing by making their own clothes, some produce as part of a self-sufficency lifestyle, others start knitting groups as a way to meet new friends. Through interviews with those involved, she explores these simple acts and their wide impacts.

With an emphasis on simplicity, affordability and adaptability, these patterns and projects provide a contemporary document of the movement in a fresh and highly visual way.

With full colour illustrations, photographs and diagrams throughout.

Amy Spencer currently co-runs the craft club CRAFTERNOON. Her first book, DIY: The Rise of Lo-Fi Culture, is also available from Marion Boyars Publishers.

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Original paperback 420pp
Full Colour
ISBN: 0-7145-3128-6
November 2006
World Rights