In the Mirror of the Past
Ivan Illich

'Ivan Illich is a famous and savage critic of industrial society. I am in total agreement with many of [his] wider arguments' Times Education Supplement

In these collected essays, Illich's thesis demonstrates how the roots of the Earth's malaise reach back to the mid-twelfth century. With his eye on the twelfth century he scrutinizes health, housing, schooling, literacy, technology, peace and ethical values. Brought down to bare bones, this book is concerned with the restoration of vernacular vision, when peace was peace, before it became tainted with the distorted meaning of the Roman pax.d universities support misleading notions of 'progress' and development, fostered by the belief that ever-increasing production, consumption and profit are proper yardsticks for measuring the quality of human life. Our universities are the recruitment centres for the personnel of the consumer society, certifying citizens for service, while at the same time disposing of those judged unfit for the competitive rat race. In this bold and provocative book, Illich suggests some radical and exciting reforms for the education system.

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Social science

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