M: Writings 67-72
John Cage

'John Cage is probably the most influential composer of the mid-twentieth century...But one doesn't need to think of Cage in the context of history. What matters is that in his autonomous Now, he's a force in our lives which we cannot negate.' The Guardian

Why does the letter 'M' stand alone as the title of this book by the author of Silence and For the Birds? The dictionary gives the definition of 'M' as the 13th letter of the alphabet, the symbol for 1000, and if you think they fit, they do. Or you may find clues in Cage's topics, words beginning with M that figure among the author's concerns: including music, mesostics, Marcel Duchamp and making matters worse. From Buckminster Fuller to Chairman Mao, from Merce Cunningham to mushrooms - here are some of the most poetic, visually rich and syntactically free texts that John Cage ever produced.

'M is a visually stunning production. Here is one of the important artistic statements of our time.' The Sunday Times

'A lecture by Cage is a musical event in itself, an encounter with Cage through these writings is an adventure.' Spectator

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